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Find out why thousands of boards across the globe trust BoardPad to manage their corporate information.

Traditionally board papers and board communication have been paper-based, however, with the introduction of board portals, more controlled and efficient environments now exist.

Allowing directors to quickly and securely access documents and electronically collaborate with board members, board portals not only support the secure exchange of information within a meeting but also record and document every occurrence and action.

Today, board portals are used by companies large and small in a variety of industries, from not-for-profit to corporate and government to construction.

What's involved in the demo?

  • Understanding your needs and requirements
  • Demonstrating the set-up of a meeting from start to finish
  • Evaluation of current practices for conducting meetings
  • How BoardPad simplifies meeting management 
  • How BoardPad increase efficiency
  • How BoardPad enhance security and reduces risk
  • Costings and efficiency savings

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