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BoardPad is a subscription service, requiring a login and password. If you would like to see BoardPad in action, simply complete the form below and one of our paperless meeting experts will be in touch.

Find out why thousands of boards across the globe trust BoardPad to manage their corporate information.

To see the true benefits and features of BoardPad you can schedule a demonstration with one of our friendly paperless meeting experts who will show you everything you need to know about BoardPad.

Thanks to BoardPad you have flexibility in the devices used when moving to paperless meetings. Available on an Apple iPad, Android, and Windows, directors can use the device of their choice and still access the same meeting information and documents.

Whichever IT environment your company, directors or IT staff prefer, BoardPad delivers a consistently reliable service to help make the duties of all end users easier and more efficient.

What's involved in the demo?

  • Understanding your needs and requirements
  • Demonstrating the set-up of a meeting from start to finish
  • Evaluation of current practices for conducting meetings
  • How BoardPad simplifies meeting management 
  • How BoardPad increase efficiency
  • How BoardPad enhance security and reduces risk
  • Costings and efficiency savings

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